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Digital Wallet Platform

Easy, Fast, and Secure e-Wallet Solution

Optimum e-Wallet is a mobile & digital banking platform that consists of a richly functional wallet application which can be used by retail and corporate customers. Wallet Account can be used to open e-wallet accounts of customers, merchants or individuals. Multiple accounts in different currencies can be held under single e-wallet login.

e-Wallet allows one party to make electronic transactions with another party using simple & user-friendly interface. The following are the transaction types provided for:

  • Customer to Customer
  • Customer to Merchant
  • Merchant to Customer
  • Customer to Government

e-Wallet can be offered as a conventional banking or Sharia’a compliant product.

  • Comprehensive backend control system
  • e-KYC integration with any provider (Jumio, ShuftiPro etc.)
  • Online real-time posting, resulting in online real time financial reporting.
  • Bilingual capability: Arabic/English, you log into the system with the language of your choice.
  • Extensive MIS reporting (in both languages).
  • Multi-level access to the system and powerful central security control.


Current Accounts

Current Accounts can be opened in few very simple and quick steps. Verified wallet holders can open multiple accounts in multiple currencies.

Current Account Features:
  • Quick & Easy Account Opening
  • Electronic KYC Process
  • Multiple Accounts for Single User
  • Multi Currency Accounts
  • Split Payments
  • Account Statement

Saving Accounts

Saving Accounts are your own digital accounts automating your savings to reach your saving goals faster. simply set the amount and duration you want to save for. Start saving with your preferred currency and create multiple Saving Accounts for all your saving needs.

The HR Department has total control over the recruitment process. Separate recruitment processes can be setup for every position. System provides the functionality of online recruitment exams and interviews with simple setup and efficient control.

Saving Account Features:
  • Quick & Easy Account Opening
  • Set Saving Goals
  • Your Own Account Name
  • Electronic KYC Process
  • Multiple Accounts for Single User
  • Multi Currency Accounts
  • Account Statement

Merchant Account

Merchant Account can be used by merchants to receive proceeds from online sale of goods and services. The amount received in the merchant account can then be used for multiple purposes including transfer to other accounts or wallets. Multiple accounts in different currencies can be held under single e-wallet login.

Merchant Account Functionalities:
  • Receive Money
  • Add / Send / Request Money
  • Account Statement
  • Hold Amount

Community Savings

Community Savings, enables you to create a group of your trusted friends and family who can work together to create a community saving.

Each participant will pay a monthly contribution, and when it's their turn, they will get the entire savings of that month.

Community Saving Features:
  • Add any number of participants
  • Quick & Simple Process
  • Safe & Secure
  • Send Reminders
  • Automatic Deduction and Deposit


Optimum e-Wallet is capable of managing deposits from customers which can be placed online using mobile app. Deposits could be long term or short term and can be managed with a comprehensive backend system. Deposits can be withdrawn at any time by customers as per the policy of the financial organization.

Loan Accounts

Loan accounts can be opened and managed through e-wallet liked to Optimum Loans Management module in the backend. Loan accounts could be based on conventional or Islamic banking. Loan could be consumer loans like personal, property, auto etc. or micro finance.

Split Payments

Optimum e-Wallet can be used to split payments and send payment requests to multiple account holders. These requests can then be paid instantly by click of a button crediting and debiting accounts instantly.

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